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Judi has a European Masters Diploma in wedding floristry and was voted No 1 in the UK for her wedding bouquet designs, which have featured in many national and international magazines.

We believe that the most important day of your life deserves the highest level of care and attention therefore we always go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our flowers are of the highest quality, bringing beauty, elegance and atmosphere to your wedding celebration. Our attention to detail is second to none in the profession. Beautiful flowers and stunning decorations create a wonderful lasting impression for everyone to enjoy. The designs, fragrance and colours chosen can bring an event alive. Floral Gems can help you choose the best ideas for your day by offering advice and solutions to suit your budget.

We will give you the time you need, when you need it. Many high street shops are only available in normal trading hours, which may well be inconvenient to you, and will be distracted by the shop activity. Proper consultations take time. We will use this time to discuss your initial floral ideas, the style of the wedding, the style of your dress and colours and the nature of the ceremony and reception venues. We will show you our portfolio of photographs. These may be closely replicated or just used as a starting point to develop a unique design.  Contact us to book a free, without obligation consultation to discuss your wedding plans and receive expert guidance.

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